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72 Newhaven Road, Edinburgh EH6 5QG
T: 07536 013511

Welcome to Scotland's first dedicated indoor cycling and Spinning® studio

Indoor Cycling at its Best - and for Everyone
The LifesCycle Team has created a space where people can
Recycle their lives and cycle for Pleasure! Where people can feel relaxed and able to join in, where they will feel good, whatever their age, body shape, level of fitness or circumstances.


LifesCycle - a unique journey
Scotland's only dedicated Spinning® and Indoor Cycling Studio was created in 2009. The team are constantly drawing on their own life experiences and skills and melding them together, to turn that initial dream of taking indoor cycling to a new level, into the unique experience that is LifesCycle.

LifesCycle - Recycle Your Life

LifesCycle Scotland's first dedicated indoor cycling studio is run by Spinning® and indoor cycling enthusiasts with backgrounds in health and wellbeing/fitness and sport.


LifesCycle founders Andy and Jeannie Hunter and the rest of the team believe every LifesCycle rider contributes to the dream, the journey, every time they take part in classes at the Bonnington Bridge Studio. The idea that riders hook into the journey and create their own, is what LifesCycle is all about. To feel inspired and motivated to tap into their own groove, their own experience, in a friendly and safe environment.


'We are a small business choosing not to operate in the corporate gym culture – which is why our riders love us! We know a gym can be intimidating - and for that reason we have chosen not to create that at LifesCycle. You'll find our environment relaxed and friendly, a mixture of New York Loft and Steampunk. If you prefer your Spinning in a pristine, packaged and perfect environment with lots of extra facilities - you may not 'get us' at first – but stick with us, you might just end up loving us!


We focus on the dynamics of each ride and the needs of the riders within the class. Like our funky and urban space, we are unique. We think our our product is special, we'll look after you from the moment you walk through that front door, we try to help if you need it, with advice and training tips, with proper bike set up'.


Which session
is right
for you?
It is all about you, your body and your bike... you are in charge of your resistance at all times, so any ride is suitable for people of all skill levels. Many seasoned cyclists enjoy the less technical classes mixed with their training programme. Below is just a rough guide, should you want a more specific class style. And please have a look at the instructor profiles for further information.


Our Rides - Class descriptions'

Are you a newbie? (Whether to Spinning®
or just to LifesCycle)

You should start with the newbies class or with a class that advertises an induction at the start. In LifesCycle we believe that first impression is everything - and we want you to come back. Even if you are an experienced cyclist, Spinning® is different and in the newbies sessions we will ensure that your bike is set up correctly and we will also go through the basic moves used in the regular sessions.
Try Andy, Jeannie, Adam, Rowan's classes.

Do you prefer a class that isn't too technical, but is motivating for all levels, a really effective workout with great music? Try Andy, Jeannie, Adam and Rowan's classes.

Do you prefer a structured class with a variation of intensities, intervals and training zones. You can work with a heart rate monitor?
Try Ben, James, Luke and Barry's sessions.

Are you a road cyclist
or triathlete using your session as a serious training tool?

James, Luke, Adam and Barry are all experienced road riders/ fitness coches so can help you with any of your needs.

Are you looking for
a more holistic and meditative session?

Andy and Rowan
deliver powerful rides with a real mind & body connection.


Book a package of rides or get a great monthly deal, there are some great ways to get started and continue with Lifescycles.SEE DETAILS ON OUR 'CLASSES' PAGE



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